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Arlington Park Partners With JacksonvilleJewishFunerals.com

Introducing JacksonvilleJewishFunerals.com - The Dedicated Resource Helping Families Bury and Mourn Loved Ones

Jewish Funeral Group, the resource for Jewish funerals, introduces JacksonvilleJewishFunerals.com in partnership with Arlington Park Funeral Home, a StoneMor, Inc. property, providing families comprehensive information and funeral services in the Jacksonville area.

November 10, 2021 - Miami, FL and Bensalem, PA- Dedicated to serving families in the Jacksonville area, JacksonvilleJewishFunerals.com specializes in education, assists with funeral and burial planning, and ensures observances and rituals most appropriate for each family are available to the community. Jewish Funeral Group, the leader in Jewish funerals and burials, partnered with Arlington Park Funeral Home, a StoneMor, Inc. property, to provide local families education, support and options for funeral services in accordance with longstanding traditions.

Thinking about or experiencing loss often creates a sense of confusion and discomfort. During these sensitive times, individuals seek guidance and structure, often gravitating towards religion and culture.

JacksonvilleJewishFunerals.com introduces a comprehensive resource with guidance and tools to learn about Jewish funerals and burials, and find details about current services scheduled in the Jacksonville area. In addition, families can plan in advance, or at a time of need, in accordance with traditions and rituals. Understanding the loss of a loved one and that the grieving process extends beyond the funeral, Jacksonville Jewish Funerals' strategically integrates with shiva.com, NJMW.org and local organizations to help a family's network provide support with mourning customs, such as meals of comfort for shiva, and honoring and commemorating the deceased. JacksonvilleJewishFunerals.com, a division of Jewish Funeral Group, deepens community connections to assist families navigating end-of-life matters.

Arlington Park Funeral Home, the premier partner of JacksonvilleJewishFunerals.com, is committed to providing the most appropriate services for each family and their loved ones. Beautifully renovated in 1997, Arlington Park Funeral Home was designed with our family's comfort and convenience in mind.

The funeral facility houses two visitation rooms and has the capacity to serve large gatherings. An inspirational chapel with seating for more than 100 guests and a comfortable family lounge are among the many amenities of the funeral home.

The Jewish community supports Jacksonville Jewish Funerals and the partnership with Arlington Park Funeral Home. Rabbi Yaakov Fisch of Etz Chaim Synagogue in Jacksonville notes, "Our synagogue has a decades-old relationship with Arlington Park Cemetery. We are delighted to learn of the partnership that Jacksonville Jewish Funerals has with Arlington Park and look forward to appreciating this resource in our community."

JacksonvilleJewishFunerals.com provides ongoing education, training, and support to Arlington Park Funeral Home in the customs, rituals and observances of Jewish funerals including those who select ritual washing at their on-site tahara room.

"We are dedicated to helping families honor loved ones and instilling confidence that the traditions and customs for funeral and burial rituals are available. Jacksonville Jewish Funerals' is proud to partner with Arlington Park Funeral Home who share in our family-first philosophy and will continue serving families in the Jacksonville community." says Sympathy Brands CEO Michael Schimmel.

"We are honored to partner with Sympathy Brands to continue to provide extended services to better serve the families in the Jacksonville area." said StoneMor Inc. CEO Joe Redling.

Visit JacksonvilleJewishFunerals.com to learn more.

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